PD240 Potato Planter (Automatic - Two Rows)


  • PD240 Potato Planter was designed for planting whole potato seeds in a swift and more professional manner for bigger sized fields.
  • Plantation is performed automatically without any worker assistance.
  • Plantation distance on rows can be adjusted by using the gears on the machine.
  • Planter tines can be adjusted according to suitable plantation depths and seeds are dropped onto the same depth.
  • The amount of plantation on each row is the same.
  • The furrows created are at equal distances to each other.
  • As the planting operation is easy and faster, it enables time-saving.
  • Ploughshares made of a special heat-treated steel are resistant against wearing.


Length :   1640 mm
Width :   1875 mm
Height :   1665 mm
Weight :   570 kg
Connection Type :   Three Point Hitch System (Category II)


Number of Working Rows :   2 Rows
Tractor Power :   50 - 60 HP
Powered by :   Own Wheel
Seed Storage Capacity    :   350 - 400 kg (Might Change According To Seed Dimensions)
Row Distance :   680 - 700 - 720 mm (Type 1) / 730 - 750- 770 mm (Type 2)
Tuber Plantation Distance :   150 mm - 400 mm Stepless Gear Setting
Ploughshare Hardness :   46 - 50 HRC
Working Width :   1360 mm - 1500 mm Adjustment
Working Depth :   150 mm - 250 mm
Capacity :   2.8 - 3.4  da/h
Seed Pot Type :   Metal Pot


The machine is connected to a tractor through a three-point hitch mechanism. Seeds prepared in advance for plantation are filled into the storage. The potato tubers inside the storage are automatically taken by conveyor belt with two rows of metal hollow pots on. The belt carries the seeds upwards to the vertical groove and finally the seeds are dropped to the beds opened by the planter tine. Plantation is completed by covering the dropped seeds with the help of furrow closing moldboard tines.